Top Ranked Long Hex Drivers of 2023

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In this post we look at hex key drivers longer than three inches. The Lichamp receives our top ranking amongst long hex drivers. It offers the best overall features at a very reasonable price. Read below for tips and considerations, overall rankings, and further resources.

Lichamp long hex drivers

Considerations and Tips

  • Tools color coded by size are very useful when you work with one or more sizes frequently. For example, you know to go for the red driver when you’re adjusting the nut on your router.
  • Some drivers feature straight bits while others may sport ball ends. The ball ends are good when you don’t have a good angle. You might look for a model that features both types.
  • Material is very important for these drivers – the stronger the better. Additionally, some models have better finishes to help avoid rust.
  • Drivers come in different forms. Where portability is key, it’s hard to beat the L design. When the tools will live on your tool bench, the T design wins.
  • Many sets come with storage. For portable use cases, having a convenient and solid storage mechanism is valuable.


    1. Lichamp

      The Lichamp set features both metric and SAE sizes. The tools are color coded and come with convenient storage. The long side features a ball end bit while the shorter side is a straight bit. The drivers are made from a chrome vanadium steel which should provide solid strength and durability. They come with a 60 day 100% satisfaction guruantee. 


    2. Iron Forge

      The Iron Forge set sports a T design and comes with an organizer that together should work well in your shop. The handle features a grip design which can help when extra torque is needed. Each tool comes with two bits, a short one on the handle and a longer one going down from the handle. The set employs a straight bit design and comes with a lifetime warranty. Consider a different model, like the Bondhus below, if strength and durability are prime concern.

      Iron Forge

    3. Ares Metric / Ares SAE

      The Ares models feature S2 steel for improved strength. The long side driver is a ball end design while the short side is straight. The tool comes with a textured finish to help with grip and deter rust. The Ares comes with a lifetime warranty and their storage device is adequate.



    4. Wiha

      You may recognize the German Wiha brand name. They are a quality tool manufacturer. These models sport an unique compression ring surrounding the ball end to help maintaine grip with your bolt. They are made from hardened CRM-72 tool steel. They feature both ball end and straight drivers. The included case should get the job done.


      If you like the Wiha brand and are willing to dish out more for colored handles, check out these models. While they add color, you do lose the compression ring functionality.



    5. Amazon Basics

      Amazon’s offering is a no frills affordable offering. It features straight and ball-end bits. It comes with an adequate storage mechanism and is made out of chrome vanadium steel. They sport a 1 year warranty and are worthy of your truck tool box.

      Amazon Basics

    6. MulWark

      If you are looking for hex drivers in bit format, look no further than this set from MulWark. The set includes metric and SAE hex bits as well as tamperproof Torx bits. The bits are three inches long making them useful for harder to reach areas and have a standard 1/4 inch shank. They are tooled from quality S2 steel and come with a lifetime warranty.


    7. Bondhus Metric / Bondhus SAE

      If you are looking for a premium set to indulge your needs, check out the Bondhus. These come with longer handles giving you more torque and the tips are straight – no ball ends. Bondhus claims their steel is 20% stronger than competitors and their finish is 5x more effective at preventing rust. The tools are made in the USA, have a nice storage mechanism, and come with a lifetime warranty.



    8. Horusdy

      The Horusdy set will work in a pinch but there are better offerings. This set comes with an enclosed case which may be important in some use cases. The handle is a nice option but does not store in the case. The drivers feature a straight bit design and are of adequate quality.



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